About Us

The Cellentia Information Technology Company approach is simple: we strive to offer solutions that address our customers’ core goals with effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality, and integrity.

Values ~ Commitment ~ Integrity ~ Leadership

Cellentia Information Technology Company was founded in 2015 by a team of professionals, who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and Information Technology experience working with various government agencies for over 20 years. This venture has given these seasoned professionals the acumen to develop sound technical solutions, integrate innovative applications and processes. Our network of partners enables the company to assemble an extended team of subject matter experts with an unparalleled passion for delivering strategic acquisition of product solutions and technology services, installation, training, and infrastructure support. The company serves federal, state, and local governments as well as commercial sectors.

At Cellentia Information Technology Company, we’re committed to partnering with industry-leading product providers and helping our clients utilize the most cost-effective technical solutions to streamline their business.

If your organization needs strategic, secure, reliable technology and managed product solutions, we invite you to contact us at Cellentia Information Technology Company to discover what we can do for you!