AWS Cloud Solutions and Services

Cloud Services powered by AWS and brought to you by Cellentia Tech’s certified and experienced staff.

Our seasoned team of professionals has successfully navigated the complexities of deploying, managing, and optimizing cloud infrastructure for a diverse clientele. Whether it's ensuring seamless scalability, enhancing data security, or facilitating efficient collaboration through cloud-based applications, our company's unwavering commitment to excellence has positioned us to be a trusted partner in harnessing the power of the cloud for unparalleled business success.

AWS Application
Migration Service

Move and improve your on-premises and cloud-based applications

Amazon Elastic Compute
Cloud (EC2)

Secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload


Fully managed, secure, reliable virtual desktop solutions for every workload


Centrally manage and automate data protection

Let Cellentia Tech help you transform your business using the AWS Cloud

Who are our services for?

Federal Government Agencies

We work with both DOD and Civilian agencies to provide, Conversion and Implementation support; Database Planning and Design, Internet of Things (IoT); IT Project Management; Migration Services (of all kinds) Network Services Programming; Systems Analysis; Design, and Implementation.

State, Local, K-12 and Higher Education

We provide IT system design, Integration, Installation and System Support, specializing in augmenting the performance of existing enterprise systems, consequently enhancing the end user’s overall experience.

Commercial Sector

Our subject matter experts with an unparalleled passion for delivering strategic acquisition of product solutions and technology services, installation, training, and infrastructure support.

Cloud Architectures & Migration

  • Asses your current environment

  • Discover and map resource dependencies, usage, and configurations.

  • Manage governance and control over cost, compliance, security.

  • Rehost your applications

Managed IT Support Services

  • Systems monitoring, managed backups, and data security and infrastructure assistance.

Managed Services: CloudOps, DevOps, ProdOps

  • We will provide you with a variety of DevOps tools and technologies; Automation, configuration management, continuous deployment technologies; Monitoring and management; Datacenter buildout and operations.

Technology Services and IT Product Solutions

  • Adding value to the performance of your existing enterprise systems and enhancing your end user’s overall experience, through well designed methodologies to discover and integrate some of the best cutting edge technology services and product solutions.