Managed IT Services

If your organization is seeking a more cost-effective and convenient method of managing and supporting internal IT systems, Cellentia Information Technology Company has the knowledge and strategic solutions to help you achieve your enterprise’s IT goals. Cellentia Information Technology Company will deliver and train your internal staff, thus adding value to your technological experience while maintaining efficiency and internal staff retention. The company is equipped to handle your IT goals, from systems monitoring and managed backups, to data security and infrastructure assistance. Through Cellentia Information Technology Company, your organization can also save time and resources by augmenting your in-house personnel and IT staff.

Technology Solutions

Cellentia Information Technology Company utilizes a wealth of technical expertise to streamline your business and help you make the right IT investment decisions for your immediate and future needs. Team Cellentia Information Technology Company will focus on adding value to the performance of your existing enterprise systems and enhance your end user’s overall experience, through well designed methodologies to discover and integrate some of the best solutions and products in the marketplace. Through our strategic partners, we provide specialized solutions, by combining best industry practices to ensure your organization’s networks function at optimum levels at all times. Cellentia Information Technology Company provides onsite professionals, not 800 numbers and online videos, to train and support your staff on existing and new technology.

Data Center Cleaning

We specialize in comprehensive Data Center cleaning services, catering to technology rooms of various sizes, configurations, and scopes. Our expertise extends to a wide range of critical environments, including Data Centers, Server Rooms, Audio/Visual Rooms, Telecom Rooms, Network Operation Rooms, and Battery Backup/UPS Rooms.

  • Our highly skilled Critical Environment team is fully equipped to manage all aspects of your Technology or Data Room Cleaning needs, encompassing:

  • High Work: This includes cleaning ceilings, venting, cable racks, equipment tops, and more.

  • Equipment Maintenance: We thoroughly clean equipment cabinets, racks, mobile equipment units, and similar components.

  • HVAC and Facilities Equipment: Our services extend to HVAC units, CRAC units, and other essential facilities equipment.

  • Top Floor Cleaning: Regardless of the floor type, we provide top-floor cleaning services.

  • Raised Floor Cleaning: This covers precise sub-floor plenum cleaning to ensure a pristine environment.

Our commitment is to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance for your critical technology spaces.

Professional Commercial Cleaning

In addition to office cleaning services, we provide commercial cleaning solutions for many types of businesses and facilities, including:

  • School and education building cleaning

  • Religious building cleaning

  • Retail cleaning

  • Government building cleaning

  • And more

Let your employees focus on their normal tasks and let the professionals handle your office cleaning checklist. We design every cleaning plan based on your needs, though most facilities ask our teams of trained experts to focus on tasks like:

  • Vacuuming carpets and flooring

  • Mopping tile floors

  • Dusting desks, shelving, and flat surfaces

  • Disinfecting surfaces, especially high-touch items like doorknobs and conference tables

  • Emptying wastebaskets

  • Cleaning employee and guest restrooms

  • Commercial Cleaning Services on Your Terms